Our Patriots

These are the Patriot ancestors of Charles Trumbull Hayden Chapter, NSDAR.

“We recognize their boldness, their courage, their character.
We honor their vision, their selflessness, their resolve.”*


Abbott, James, Sergeant
Backus, Elijah, Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Bonfoy, Benanuel, Private
Eggelston, Samuel, Private
Gray, Ebenezer, Lieutenant Colonel
Hart, William, Sergeant
Lord, Abner, Sr., Captain
Lord, Abner, Jr., Private
Marvin, Uriah, Private
Perry, Ozias, Private
Sackett, Reuben, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Savage, Nathan, Sergeant
Seldon, Samuel, Colonel, Patriotic Service
Wright, John, Corporal


Cooch, Thomas, Colonel


Ball, John, Soldier


Lund, Jacob, Lieutenant


Backus, John, Sergeant
Barnes, Jonathan, Captain
Bent, Ebenezer, Private
Blodgett, James, Ensign
Bond, William, Colonel
Boynton, John, Private
Broughton, Nicholson Nicholas, Sr., Major
Bruce, Antipas, Private
Burnham, Job, Patriotic Service
Chamberlain, Benjamin, Private
Crawford, John, Patriotic Service
Cutler, Simon, Private
Davis, Samuel, Jr., Private
Drew, Consider, Private
Dunbar, Obed, Private
Edgell, Simon, Captain, Civil Service
Farwell, Absolom, Private
Fickett, Zebulon, Private
Gilbert, Elijah, Corporal
Glover, John, Brigadier General 
Hall, John, Captain
Hopkins, Seth, Private
Libby, David, Private
Needham, Jasper, Lieutenant
O’Brien, Morris, Patriotic Service
Proctor, Joseph/Josiah, Private
Richardson, Oliver, Sergeant
Richardson, Moses, Civil Service
Sears, Richard, Sergeant
Stone, Samuel, Private
Strout, Elisha, Corporal
Strout, Enoch, Private
Stone, Samuel, Private
Tuttle, John, Private
Whipple, Francis, Sr., Civil Service
Young, Gideon, Private

New Hampshire

Badger, Joseph, Sr., Brigadier General, Patriot Service, Civil Service
Garrish, Steven, Patriotic Service
Gates, Issac, Private, Patriotic Service
Gerrish, Enoch, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Hancock, Jacob, Private
Hancock, Joseph, Private
Hoyt, Eliphalet, Patriotic Service
Kent, Job, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Kinsman, Ephraim, Ensign
Marston, Samuel, Private
Meacham, Samuel, Private, Patriotic Service
Moore, Hugh, Private
Nesmith, James, Sr., Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Pearson, Issac, Patriotic Service
Saltmarsh, Thomas, Private
Sanborn, Jeremiah, Jr., Soldier
Sanborn, Jeremiah, Sr., Patriotic Service
Smith, Isaac, Patriotic Service
Weeks, Benjamin, Patriotic Service
Weeks, Matthias, Sr., Patriotic Service

New Jersey

Corwin, Jesse, Patriotic Service
Gates, Isaac, Private, Patriotic Service
Hall, Joseph, Captain
Lyster, Peter, Private
Malik, Aaron, Private
Marston, Samuel, Private
Moore, Hugh, Private
Nesmith, James, Sr., Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Parr, John, Private
Sanborn, Jeremiah, Sr., Patriotic Service
Thomson, Benajah, Captain
Van Voorhes, Daniel, Lieutenant

New York

Backus, John, Sergeant
Hasbrouck, Elias, Captain
Hasbrouck, Jacob, Major, Patriotic Service
Strang, Henry, Captain
Weaver, Edward, Ensign

North Carolina

Aldrich, Peter, Patriotic Service
Garrison, Isaac, Patriotic Service
Gregory, Thomas, Patriotic Service
Gregory, William, Private
Guest, Moses, Captain
Israel, John, Private
Lee, Thomas, Captain
Sherrill, William
Vernon, Johnathan, Patriotic Service
Wells, Joseph, Jr., Patriotic Service


Clark, Andrew, Private
Conrad, Peter, Lieutenant
Franks, Michael, Private
Hahn, Frederick, Private
Helmick, Martin, Private
Hunter, James, Soldier
Kaufman, Christian, Corporal
Messinger, Abraham, Private
Moore, William, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Nelson, John, Jr., Private
Steere, Hugh, Private, Patriotic Service


Safford, Samuel, Brigadier General 


Baker, John, Soldier
Barnett, James, Captain, Civil Service
Bradley, John, Civil Service
Bradley, Joseph, Private, Patriotic Service
Briscoe, William, Captain, Patriotic Service
Bush, Leonard, Patriotic Service
Campbell, Lawrence, Jr., Private
Cavanaugh, Charles, Patriotic Service
Cavenaugh, William, Lieutenant, Patriotic Service
Chinn, Charles, Civil Service
Cookeley, John, Soldier
Crabb, John, Sr., Seaman
Davis, Thomas, Patriotic Service
Elliott, Alexander, Midshipman
Elliott, William, Ensign
Galbraith, Arthur, Civil Service
Green, James, Private
Helmick, Peter, Private
Higgins, John, Private
Holloway, Phebe, Patriotic Service
Huddleston, Thomas, Soldier
Johnston, Peter, Patriotic Service
Kent, John, Soldier
Kent, Mary Crockett, Patriotic Service
Krantz, Michael, Patriotic Service
Low, James, Private
Major, John, Patriotic Service
McConnell, Abram, Soldier
Olds, George, Sergeant, Patriotic Service
Prince, Joseph, Patriotic Service
Rowden, William, Patriotic Service
Samuel, Thomas, Civil Service
Sharp, John, Sr., Soldier
Sinnett, Patrick, Private
Stevenson, John, Private
Turney, Henry, Patriotic Service
Van Bibber, Isaac, Private
Wallace, Andrew, Patriotic Service
Winn, Minor, Lieutenant
Woods, Susannah Wallace, Patriotic Service
Young, Andrew, Patriotic Service

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* Quote from NSDAR Chaplain’s Handbook (2019-2022)


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